The Association for the Development of University Classical Education is a non-governmental organization, registered in Sofia, under the Bulgarian Nonprofit Corporation Act.

      The Association was founded by a group of PhD- and university students and professors with humanitarian education.

      As we create the ADUCE, we – the founders of the Association, – share some ideas concerning humanitarian education and particularly classical education, as follows:

– The current state of human civilization (in the end of the 20th and the beginning of the 21st c.) is something exceptional owing to the advanced opportunities for quick and immediate communication, data-storage and obtaining of information.

– Anyway, we are facing difficulties in the development of the human being as a social creature and in establishing and maintaining different kinds of societies, which remain quite similar to those in the past. Actually, the current dispute concerning human values is not quite different from the one, which was carried on some 25 – 28 centuries ago on the territory of present-day Europe.

 -There is no doubt that keeping man as such being by means of reflection, representation and active social practice has never stopped during these 28 centuries, each generation of philosophers, intellectuals, statesmen and artists making use of the experience of earlier generations. We have a living tradition here – the tradition of Europe and the West.

– That is why we accept that a certain part of contemporary literacy, which has been implemented through its main institutions – the universities, – consists in keeping the awareness of this tradition, without denying the value of similar traditions in other fields.

– In line with our specific education and interests, we seek to maintain this awareness by means of studying and discussing the cultural-historical heritage of European Antiquity in all of its aspects and creating new opportunities for that mission.

– Classical education – that is how we call that kind of education which makes possible the discussion of ancient cultural legacy and which results from it. We think that this education would be incomplete and superficial without being familiar with Ancient Greek and Latin. We believe that the systematic attaining of proficiency in these languages provides the basis and lies at the heart of classical literacy.

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