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summer school for digital tools in the humanities


Center of Excellence
Regional Studies Program in the Humanities „Alma Mater“
University of Sofia “St. Kliment Ohridski”

Sofia, 7-14 September 2015

For the second time after the Summer Workshop in 2013, the Center of Excellence in the
Humanities “Alma Mater” at University of Sofia organizes jointly with King’s College, London, a
training event in digital technologies for the Humanities. The 2015 Summer School is targeted at
historians, archaeologists, classical scholars, philologists, textual critics and other humanitarians
with little to moderate skills in computers and IT who would like to enhance their competences in
the following fields:
. EpiDoc XML (http://epidoc.sourseforge.net) – marking up of epigraphical monuments with TEI
..L for epigraphers and archaeologists;
. SNAP:DRGN (http://snapdrgn.net/) – marking and connecting between them personal names
and prosopographical data for the purposes of historical and philological research;
. Historical GIS – geospatial surveys, digitizing of topographical maps, interactive map layers
with historical information;
. Perseids (http://perseids.org/) – a platform for transcribing, editing, and publishing ancient
documents and texts;
. SoSOL (Son of Suda Online) – a platform for describing and publishing epigraphic and
papyrologic documents.
. ..GLE Europeana (http://www.eagle-network.eu/) – the European network of partner projects
for the publishing of ancient documents, objects, and artefacts.
The school is open for applications by MA and PhD students, as well as post-doc and early
researchers from all humanitarian disciplines.

The applicants should send a CV and a Motivation
statement clarifying their specific research interests and training needs to dimitar.illiev@gmail.com
no later than 15.07.2015.

The places are limited and you will be notified about your acceptance
within 7 working days after the application deadline.
The participation fee is 30 еurо or their equivalent in Bulgarian leva. It covers coffee breaks
and materials for the participants. The transport and the accommodation are at the expense of
the participants.

Dr. Dimitar Iliev
Dr. Maria Baramova
Dobromir Dobrev

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