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Sapiens Ubique Civis III – Szeged 2015


Associated Professor Margaret Dimitrova shared this invitation:

Call for Papers: Sapiens Ubique Civis III – Szeged 2015

PhD Student Conference in Classical Studies, Szeged Hungary, August 26-29. 2015

The Department of Classical Philology and Neo-Latin Studies, Faculty of Arts, University of Szeged, Hungary is pleased to announce its International PhD Student Conference Sapiens Ubique Civis III – Szeged 2015. The aim of the conference is to bring together an international group of young scholars working in a variety of periods, places, languages, and fields. Papers on a wide range of classical subjects, including but not limited to the literature, history, philology, philosophy, linguistics and archaeology of Greece and Rome, Byzantinology, Neo-Latin studies, reception of the classics, as well as papers dealing with theatre studies, comparative literature, contemporary literature and fine arts related to the Antiquity are welcome.

Lectures: The language of the conference is English. Thematic sessions and plenary lectures will be scheduled over four days. The time limit for each lecture is 20 minutes, followed by 5 minutes of discussion.

Abstracts: Abstracts of at most 300 words, plus title and references, should be sent by email as a Word attachment to sapiensuc@gmail.com no later than May 17, 2015. The document should also contain author information including name, affiliation and contact email address, and the title of the presentation. Acceptance notification will be sent to you till June 7, 2015.

Registration: The registration fee for the conference is 50 Euros. Payment should be made by bank transfer after the acceptance of the papers. The participation fee includes conference pack, reception meal, closing event, extra programs, and refreshments during coffee breaks. The participation fee does not include accommodation, but the conference coordinators will assist the conference participants with finding accommodation in the city centre.

Publication: All papers will be considered for publication.

Getting here: Szeged, the largest city of Southern Hungary, can be easily reached by train from Budapest and the Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport (formerly known as Ferihegy Airport), which depart every hour between 5 AM and 9 PM. Those who prefer travelling by car can choose the European route E75, and then should take the Hungarian M5 motorway, a section of E75, passing by the city.

We look forward to your participation in this conference.

Kind regards,

Dr. János Nagyillés PhD Head of Department, Chairman of the Conference Committee

Dr. Mariann Czerovszki PhD Dr. György Fogarasi PhD Dr. Tamás Jászay PhD Dr. Péter Kasza PhD Dr. Katalin Kürtösi CSc Dr. habil. István Lázár PhD Dr. habil. Péter Mayer PhD Dr. László Odrobina PhD Prof. László Szörényi DSc Dr. habil. Ibolya Tar CSc Dr. Iván Tóth PhD Members of the Conference Committee

Attila Hajdú (attila.hajdu85@gmail.com) Gábor Horti (hortigabor85@gmail.com) Gergo Gellérfi (gellerfigergo@gmail.comConference coordinators

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